Six months ago, the Avonni Creator team set off with a big mission: to deliver a new experience in designing Business Application. We were amazed at the response from the Salesforce community and continue to be inspired by the designs users create. We also listened to a lot of constructive feedback and ideas – directly from our users –, further nearning a future when Avonni Creator would be bigger, better and more user-friendly than ever before.

That future is here. That future is a brand new Avonni Creator experience. We’re excited to be entering this next phase of, what we think, is an even more awesome application.

New stuff for everyone

Working better together

Until now, Avonni Creator has been a tool for individuals to create standout Salesforce Lightning mockups. You’ve asked for real-time editing and collaboration features in our Ideas Portal. As we head into the next chapter of Avonni Creator, and because designing is a collaborative process, we’re excited to announce new powerful features that will make collaboration simple and efficient to design Salesforce applications.

Inviting others to edit or view a design

We believe that collaborating on a design can boost productivity, avoid errors and ensure design quality. Starting today, you can now share a design and collaborate with anyone you want, even if they’re not yet an Avonni Creator user. New editors or viewers will receive an email invitation with a link to get started right away.

Seamless feedback process

Giving effective design feedback plays a major role in any successful project. That’s why we’ve added a space for comments about any elements of the app. We have also simplified the feedback process by giving access to a conversational view of all feedback on one convenient page.

Guideline specifications

The new Guideline view brings together specifications and clear instructions for designers and developers on how to adopt specific principles with regards to the design created with Avonni Creator. Guideline is also useful to implement what you've done with Avonni Creator within the Salesforce ecosystem. Developers and other stakeholders involved in your design project will have access to the Guideline features no matter if they are an editor or a viewer.

UI Updates

Starting today, a fresh look and new features are making Avonni Creator more clear, useful and practical. Here are but a few highlights of the new design:

  • Icons search engine
  • Video tutorials
  • Resources and documentation on Lightning elements
  • Copying elements between pages

Lightning Elements and Templates

In this release, we’ve added nearly all missing Lightning Elements to help you create the most realistic designs for Salesforce Lightning. More than 60+ new elements are now available. Furthermore, new templates will help you create mockups faster by proposing ideas to personalize your designs. With templates, adding a chat bubble conversation, an email open prediction component or even a market summary card in only one click away.

More exporting options

Designing Salesforce applications is one thing; implementing it on Salesforce is quite another! We’re making easier to integrate designs made with Avonni Creator on Salesforce by delivering accurate Lightning component code. Last but not least, exporting a design page in JPG format is also available and gives you the ability to send it to stakeholders or save it for documentation purposes.

New Design types

Avonni Creator is already THE mockup tool to design Salesforce Lightning applications. We want to bring Salesforce design creation one step further to fulfill our mission. In this release, you can now create up to 6 different types of design:

  • Lightning Experience App
  • Lightning Page
  • Standalone Desktop App
  • Flow
  • Lightning Component
  • Community

New plans to help you tailor Avonni Creator to your needs

We are excited to announce the launch of our premium plans. We’ve taken all your comments into consideration, (both compliments and suggestions for improvements), and have incorporated your feedback into new features in our paid plans.

So, what are the premium features of the paid plans?

One of the key features that our users have asked for is the ability to create designs for different needs. Paid users will be able to create premium designs like Lightning Experience App, Communities and flows.

What will happen to the free plan?

The free plan is here to stay. If you were an active user before this new release, you won’t be able to create new designs or new pages unless you choose one of our paid plans (from professional plan or higher). Other than that, you can continue to edit your existing designs exactly as you did before, with all the features available in the free plan.

Thank you for all your support and great feedback received over the past six months! We are excited to be entering this next phase of an even more awesome Avonni Creator. These are just the first steps in our mission to design easier and more enjoyable business applications together. Stay tuned—there’s a lot more in store!